The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Who Can Help, How It Works, And Why

Inflammation in the body can happen for a lot of reasons. It can be related to illness and disease, things in your environment, or even what you eat. An anti-inflammatory diet plan is a specially formulated nutrition plan to help relieve some of the inflammation in the body in a natural way. 

Who can help you achieve an anti-inflammatory diet?

If you are looking to try an anti-inflammatory diet for yourself, it is best if you seek out a professional anti-inflammatory diet coach. These individuals are usually nutritionists who have spent years studying how food affects the body, so they are very capable of building an anti-inflammatory diet plan. 

How does the anti-inflammatory diet work?

The anti-inflammatory diet is designed to aid the body on a cellular level by: 

  • Eliminating certain types of foods that encourage inflammation in the body 
  • Eliminating food additives that can trigger inflammation due to immune system response 
  • Eliminating food preparation techniques that change molecular structures of food that in turn triggers inflammation

For example, fresh fruits and vegetables are foods that are less likely to cause inflammation in the body. Therefore, fresh foods may replace cooked foods. However, anti-inflammation diets are also meant to be individually catered to the individual and their own bodily systems. This is one reason why it is best to work with an anti-inflammatory diet coach. The coach will work with you to pinpoint what foods could be triggering a reaction and build a diet around the discoveries made in the process. 

Why would you need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet?

Numerous reasons exist for eating an anti-inflammatory diet, but in general, there are certain people who could benefit the most from this kind of nutrition plan. Those who benefit the most include people who have severe arthritis or chronic illnesses, individuals who have an inflammatory bowel or digestive disease, and people who have problems with general inflammation in their body for unexplained reasons. 

Is the anti-inflammatory diet safe?

The anti-inflammatory diet is designed to work with your body and not against it. Many of the foods that people eat every day are likely to cause some form of inflammation, whether it is in the stomach, the gut, or somewhere else in their body. The diet plan is only meant to eliminate foods that do harm. Therefore, there are no risks involved in making positive changes that can benefit the body. 

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