This Is Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common problem in the United States of America — so much so that you might be inclined to ignore the problem and to try and just tough it out. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way of going about things. Your back pain could turn into a bigger problem if you don't take steps to have it managed now. Here's how your back pain could turn into a big deal.

Medication Doesn't Tackle the Problem

One of the biggest problems with back pain and patients is that they tend to reach for over-the-counter solutions before consulting with a doctor. Unfortunately, back pain can be caused by a wide variety of things, and these medications likely won't have any lasting impact or benefit for your back. While they may provide temporary pain relief, it's possible to gain a resistance to these medications and to need to take more and more in order to control the pain. This is also why some people end up on opioids to handle their back pain.

Potential to Worsen

When it comes to back pain, the causes can be many. But the things that are typically in common with all back pain problems are stiffness and inflammation.

Inflammation is a big problem for the entire body, but it causes special problems with the spine. The spine is a delicate structure that has to follow a set of rules. The vertebrae in your spine need to be a certain distance from each other, and the cushioning between them needs to be protected. When inflammation strikes, however, the cushioning can become swollen and push on the vertebrae or pinch nerves between them. These nerves are where your problems can get worse.

Nerves travel the entire length of the spine. If you've ever had a pinched nerve anywhere in your body, chances are you already know what kind of pain it can induce. But when a nerve gets pinched in the spine, it tends to affect the entire length of that nerve. In other words, a pinch in your back could cause pain to travel along your entire side, leg, arm, or back. To make matters worse, many pain medications don't tackle inflammation, and those that do may not provide enough control to provide you with relief.

Needless to say, if you're experiencing back pain, you need to see a doctor. It's better to go as soon as possible to keep the additional problems at a minimum.

To learn more about why you may need back pain treatment, contact a doctor.

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