How Orthopedic Surgery Helps Tennis Players Avoid Multiple Wrist Fractures

Tennis players rely on a careful balance of physical strength and cardiovascular health to succeed. However, their wrist is often put under a substantial level of strain without getting much attention. Sadly, this could cause damage to the wrist that could even lead to fractures. Thankfully, an orthopedic surgery can help to avoid repeatedly breaking wrists. 

Wrist Fractures Heavily Affect Many Tennis Players

Tennis players are at a high risk of wrist fractures due to the nature of their sport. The typical substantial impact of the tennis ball against the racket isn't too damaged in the short term but can cause persistent long-term issues. Some players may even experience injuries if they slip and fall and land on their hands. These injuries will take them out of the game for an extended period and require various care options to manage appropriately.

Furthermore, players who try to play tennis too soon after recovering from a broken wrist may break the bones again. In this situation, the injury is almost always much worse and could complicate their recovery further. Some players may even be unable to play ever again because their wrist may lack the tenacity and flexibility that it once possessed. As a result, orthopedic surgeries may be necessary.

Ways Orthopedic Surgery Can Help

Broken wrists complicated by further injury may require surgeries to reset the bones. These types of operations vary depending on the severity of the disease. For example, some treatments may need to re-break the bones to set them properly and allow them to heal. Though this may seem counter-intuitive, doing so helps tennis players heal better and gives them a better chance to regain strength in their wrist.

Other surgery methods are not as invasive and include various types of supporting structures that help the wrist remain strong. These methods are usually considered if breaking the wrist is not necessary or if the individual is otherwise responding well to less-invasive treatments. Care usually starts with the less severe option and then goes up, as needed, to manage this type of wrist injury.

And while orthopedic surgery will help a tennis player return to the court faster, they still shouldn't anticipate playing for a few months after the injury. Trying to rush back into the game is only likely to cause further injuries that may worsen a person's healing time. Thankfully, it is possible to get a brace or other options to protect the wrist from further damage.

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