How Are Walk-In X-Ray Machines Beneficial To Patients?

With recent advances being made in medical technology, many medical facilities now choose to use walk-in X-ray machines for patients who need to have this type of diagnostic test performed. Whether it be a physician's office, an urgent care clinic or a hospital emergency room, walk-in X-ray machines are now readily available for use. These machines give quick, accurate results that can make getting a proper diagnosis much easier. These are some of the ways walk-in X-ray machines are beneficial to patients.

They Are Portable

One of the best benefits of a walk-in X-ray machine is that it is portable. This means that it can easily be moved from room to room instead of having to move the patient down to an X-ray department. The patient can simply stand up in front of the machine without having to lay down in an uncomfortable position in order to get accurate X-ray pictures. If a patient is unable to stand, a smaller X-ray machine can be used that the technician holds over the area of the body of which the pictures need to be taken.

They Can Be Done Quickly

In most cases, walk-in X-ray machines can acquire the needed pictures within 20 minutes or less. Results of the X-rays are often completed and sent to the patient's physician within no more than an hour. This means less waiting for the patient and the doctor so that treatment can begin as quickly as possible.

They Are Safe

Walk-in X-ray machines have a shield mounted on the front that keeps radiation from scattering out into the room the X-ray is being taken in. This ensures that only the amount of radiation needed to obtain the X-ray pictures escapes from the machine. Therefore, the patient, the technician, and anyone else in the room are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

Walk-in X-ray machines are also more cost-effective for both the patients and the medical facilities that use them. In the past, a patient went to see a doctor, and if an X-ray was needed, he might be sent by ambulance to an emergency room. This makes for an added expense to the patient. However, since these machines can be used in almost any type of medical facility, there may be no need to transfer the patient, which saves money for the patient. Also, hospitals save money when purchasing walk-in X-ray machines because they are smaller and less expensive than the large, traditional machines that were used only in X-ray departments.

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