I Want To Stop My Period—Can Birth Control Help?

For many women, getting a period is more than a nuisance. It is a genuine problem that impacts their ability to function normally. They may struggle with intense pain, including menstrual cramps, intense bleeding, and even fainting. No matter your reason for wanting to skip your period, you have valid reason to want to do so. But is it safe? Is it possible?

The Safety of Skipping Periods

First, you should know that the "period" you have when you use birth control is not a true period because your contraception prevents ovulation. You do not have a menstrual cycle in the traditional sense. This is withdrawal bleeding that occurs when your body does not get the hormones it usually does.

So, is it safe to skip those withdrawal periods? Yes, there is generally no reason why you need to bleed each month or every three months.

There is a catch though. Many women experience breakthrough bleeding when they first begin using birth control hoping to skip their periods. It may take a few cycles of pills to say goodbye to breakthrough bleeding and spotting. This bleeding is typically much less than your traditional period.

Birth Control Pills

One way to skip your period is by taking birth control pills. Keep in mind that there are many different types of pills, and you may need to take different pills to find one that is right for you, and this can take some time. Pills contain different hormones, so you will find that there are different hormones can impact you differently.


IUDs are somewhat more unpredictable, especially because you cannot simply stop using it like you can a birth control pill or patch. IUDs are placed in the uterus. Some put out hormones and others do not. In fact, hormonal birth control can actually lead to irregular bleeding for several months, which may feel confusing at first. Eventually, you may notice that your periods stop altogether.

What Should You Do Next?

Keep in mind that pills and IUDs are not the only options available to you. You can also use the depo provera shot to try to skip periods, for instance. The key is to speak with your doctor about your goal and your options.

You should always speak with a professional before switching birth control. Skipping periods is typically safe for most women, but you should always talk about any prescriptions you have before you make a final decision. A doctor can advise you about any of the potential risks and benefits involved.  

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