Do You Need Substance Abuse Treatment But Are Trying To Avoid Public Spaces? Outpatient Rehab Can Help

There are many excuses people make to avoid having to seek treatment for substance abuse. Some people claim that they'll eventually be able to stop on their own, while others may put off going to rehab until some distant point in the future that never seems to come. The current pandemic might have caused you to stop and pause when it came time to plan for your stay at a rehab. After all, you may be worried about being in a confined building with people from all different walks of life. 

Although inpatient facilities also take precautions to prevent exposure to the coronavirus, you might feel safer exploring different options. An intensive outpatient rehab program is an option that can help you get sober. It provides these three benefits. 

Get Help Coping With New and Challenging Emotions

Many people are struggling to cope in a changing world that may no longer feel safe. In an outpatient substance abuse recovery program, you receive intensive counseling that includes help dealing with the anxiety that you feel when you hear about increasing numbers of people being affected by the pandemic. Having professional support dealing with a situation that you might not have prior life experience with allows you to find healthier ways to cope that do not involve substance abuse.

Practice Social Distancing During Your Recovery

Isolation is a significant contributor to substance abuse problems. Outpatient rehab allows you to be close to other people for emotional support while still maintaining physical distance. Currently, outpatient programs are taking steps to keep people safe. For example, your group may are limited to a certain number of people, and you can expect to find that your chairs are placed more than six feet apart. 

Strengthen Your Ability to Stay Sober at Home

If you want to avoid getting sick, then you also need to limit your contact with the public. This can be hard when you feel the need to venture out to buy more drugs or alcohol. Depending upon your addiction, you may also be tempted to visit medical clinics or pharmacies to get what you need to feed your habits. By choosing to go to outpatient treatment, you begin the process of breaking the chains that force you to put yourself in potentially risky situations. Instead, you can simply reach out to a member of your support team from the safety of your home anytime you need help getting through a craving.

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