Important Things To Look For When Picking Out An Air Ambulance Service

If you need to transport a loved one to a medical facility that is outside your town or city, then you may have the option of using an air ambulance. There are many different types of transportation services available, which means that you will need to look at each one closely to determine who offers the best transportation for your needs. There are a few essential things to ask about, so keep reading to learn what they are.

Dedicated Pressurized Aircraft

Some air medical transport companies offer flights on chartered planes. The aircraft may be used for other purposes, meaning that the plane must be prepared with medical equipment and staff every time that a medical flight is arranged. This can be problematic as moving medical equipment can cause damage and supplies can be forgotten or lost during the stocking process. And, if contracted workers are supplied, then this may mean that the medical professionals are not used to working with one another, leading to communication issues.

So, you want to make sure that the air ambulance you choose is one that is dedicated full time to medical transport. Also, you may want to make sure the plane is a pressurized one. This allows the aircraft to move above the clouds so that turbulence and poor weather do not affect the flight.

Ensuring that the aircraft is a full-time medical plane will allow you to enquire about maintenance to the airplane and the equipment on board. You can then ask about maintenance records before choosing the air ambulance company. Records should be complete with maintenance performed on a regular schedule.

Experienced Pilots

If you want the safest air ambulance ride for your loved one, then you should make sure the medical transport company employes experienced pilots. They should have well over the minimum 1,500 flight hours required to fly the aircraft. The experience allows the pilots to make quick and necessary decisions that involve possible route changes and emergency landings.

Also, while only a single pilot is often required, some medical transport businesses will hire and arrange for two pilots per flight. This is wise in the case of an emergency situation. Bigger planes are also ones that are most likely to have two pilots on staff. This often means that a passenger can fit into the plane to ride with your loved one.

If you want to know more about air ambulances and the types of things you should be looking for when arranging medical transport, speak with an air ambulance business. 


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