3 Signs You May Need An Allergy Skin Test

Millions of people suffer from allergies, but just as many people suffer from allergies and don't even know they have an issue. An allergic reaction is an immune system response to something in your body or environment that the body thinks is a threat. While some immune system responses are great, this form of an immune response can be uncalled for and frustrating for a lot of people. However, obtaining a proper diagnosis for an allergy leads the way to proper treatments, which can be a lifechanging experience. 

You have allergy symptoms that last for longer than a few weeks. 

Some people have allergy issues that seem to come and go, but they never stay consistent. It is common for people who don't have any real allergy problems to experience this along with the natural ebb and flow of the body's immune system function. Therefore, if you suspect you are having allergy problems, it is always best to wait a few weeks or more and see if the symptoms subside. If they do, you likely don't need a test, but if they do persist, it is best to seek an allergist for a test. 

You suspect there are things in your environment causing symptoms but don't know what. 

Some people who do suffer from allergies are lucky enough to be able to determine exactly what it is in their environment that is causing the reaction. When they do, they may be able to gain some control over their symptoms. For example, through a process of gradual elimination, you may determine that you are allergic to an indoor cat, so you move the cat outdoors and clean the house. Your symptoms then subside. On the other hand, there are people who will have reactions and have no idea what's causing the problem. This is a good sign you need an allergy skin test. 

You have a doctor telling you that you need an allergy skin test. 

In some cases, your general doctor will recommend that you get an allergy skin test. Maybe you have a history of allergies or you are having signs of allergies that cannot be contributed to another health condition. For example, if you are having breathing troubles but there seems to be no logical reason why, the doctor may recommend you visit an allergist to get a test done. The results can give the doctor more insight into what condition it is that they should really be treating. 

For more information about allergy skin tests, contact a professional. 

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