Smoke, Eat, Or Drink? Figuring Out Which Method Of Imbibing Marijuana Is Right For You

These days, there are plenty of options out there for people who are interested in medical marijuana. But with all these options at your disposal, it can be confusing or embarrassing to go into a medical marijuana dispensary not knowing what you need or want. If you need a little preparation course on the differences between these three methods, including their pros and cons, read on.


Smoking is the most traditional way of imbibing marijuana. It has some significant advantages, like being the method that gets marijuana into your system the fastest, so you experience relief more quickly. Smoking marijuana is also possible via pipe, rolled cigarette, or even vape pens now, so there are plenty of options for you in this category.

The major cons of smoking marijuana are two-fold. The first is that some people experience coughing after smoking pot, and that may not be good for people who have issues like asthma or other lung problems. Secondly, while smoked marijuana gets into the body quickly, it also wears off very quickly. You'll need to keep puffing to maintain your benefits, or smoke first and take a second form of marijuana second to get the lasting benefits.


Speaking of lasting benefits, medical marijuana edibles are another popular choice. Edibles often get a bad rap for making people feel very high, but that's actually not reality. The problem is that people often don't understand how to use edibles before taking them.

The biggest pro of edible medical marijuana is that it's extremely long-lasting. Most people can expect hours of benefits after taking a single edible. It also eliminates the need for smoking, which means it's a great choice for people with lung or throat problems.

However, edibles take a long time to break down and get into your system. This is because they need to be digested by the stomach first and then processed by the liver. So if immediate relief is what you're after, either smoke first or skip edibles entirely for something faster.


Finally, drinks and tinctures are popular ways of taking medical marijuana. Like edibles, you don't need to smoke, so that's one perk. However, unlike edibles, drinking medical marijuana typically gets it into your bloodstream faster. While not as fast as smoking, this is a good option for those who can't smoke and need quick relief.

On the downside, medical marijuana drinks often wear off fairly quickly, like smoking. So you may need to keep sipping at your drink or follow it up with an edible for lasting relief.

For more information about medical cannabis, talk to your doctor or a local dispensary. 

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