Worried About Your Child's Health? How To Tell When It's Time To Visit The ENT

If your child is dealing with frequent ear, nose, or throat issues, it may be time to visit an ENT. Not sure what an ENT is? They're ear, nose and throat specialists. They specialize in all things relating to the ear, nose or throat. If you're not sure that your child needs a specialist right now, look at the list below. If your child is experiencing any of the issues described here, it's time to schedule an appointment with an ENT. 

Your Child's Snoring Has Gotten Worse

If your child snores, you might not think it's a problem. But, that's not necessarily the case. It is true that children may deal with occasional snoring, especially when they have a cold. If your child snores when they don't have a cold, there may be a more serious problem. Frequent bouts of snoring may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. This condition causes oxygen levels to drop. Studies show that about one in four children suffers from this condition. If your child snores on a nightly basis and the snoring has gotten worse, consult an ENT as soon as possible. 

Your Child Suffers From Frequent Colds

It's not uncommon for children to suffer from the occasional cold. This is especially true for school-aged children. In fact, they may get colds at least once a month. After all, they mingle with other kids on a daily basis. If your child comes down with a cold a couple of times a year, you shouldn't need to be concerned. But, if your child suffers from frequent colds, there may be a cause for concern. This is especially true if their symptoms linger longer than they should. Talk to an ENT for answers to your child's recurring colds. 

Your Child's Ears Are Constantly Infected

Ear infections are another common ailment that can affect your child. In most cases, ear infections will go away after a round of antibiotics. There are times when ear infections are a sign of bigger problems, such as when they come and go on a recurring basis. If it seems like your child gets an ear infection once a month, visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Those recurring ear infections could be a sign of serious problems. 

Your Child Has Chronic Sore Throats

If your child seems to suffer from sore throats more often than other children their age, schedule an appointment with an ENT surgeon. Adenoids and tonsils can cause your child to suffer from chronic sore throats. If that's the case, medical intervention can help ease the distress.

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