Arthritis In Your Wrist? What You Should Know About Wrist Replacement Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis in your wrist, you may be wondering what your treatment options are. One of the available options is known as arthroplasty. Arthroplasty can also be called total wrist replacement surgery. Learn more about total wrist replacement surgery. Then, you can schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon if this seems like an option you would like to go with or explore. 

Total Wrist Replacement Is for Severely Arthritic Wrist Joints

One of the facts to keep in mind about total wrist replacement surgery is that it is a treatment meant for wrist joints with severe arthritis. If your arthritis is mild or moderate, orthopedic doctors would prefer to go with more conservative treatment options like oral and injected medications. These are less invasive options. 

However, if you do have severe arthritis in the wrist, you might be a good candidate for the surgery. Severe arthritis can make the wrist joints almost completely inflexible and locked in place, which makes almost all aspects of life extremely difficult. Severe arthritis can also just be extremely painful, causing you to not want to move or use your wrists at all. If you are struggling with this type of issue, contacting an orthopedic surgeon would be a good idea. 

Total Wrist Replacement Is Best for People Who Do Not Do Heavy Lifting

Another factor to keep in mind about total wrist replacement surgery is that the ideal candidate does not do heavy lifting or otherwise heavily use the wrist joint. If you work an office job or do another type of work that does not require heavy pressure put on the hands and wrists, you likely fall under the scope of a "good" candidate for wrist replacement surgery. 

Total Wrist Replacement Recovery Can Take Several Weeks

If you are interested in getting total wrist replacement surgery, you should keep in mind that the recovery process can take several weeks. After the surgery, you will need to wear a splint to support the wrist joint and keep it in proper alignment. This is generally worn for 6 to 8 weeks

You will also need to go to physical therapy to do exercises to strengthen your new wrist joint and to ensure it remains flexible and supple. The good news about the recovery process for total wrist replacement surgery is the pain relief. Compared to the pain of your arthritis, any pain you feel after your wrist replacement surgery will be minor. 

Total wrist replacement surgery may be a good option for you. Contact an orthopedic surgeon at a clinic like Orthopaedic Associates Of Rochester right away to discuss your options. 

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