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CBD is an oil that comes from cannabis. It's important to understand that CBD and THC are two completely different things. While THC can make one feel a 'high' CBD does not. This is due to the CBD not being the active element that causes those feelings. Instead, CBD has properties that can help with a wide range of ailments, both in people and in certain types of pets, such as dogs. Here are some of the things that many people use CBD for and the ways they feel it helps them: 


Anxiety comes in many forms and strengths. There may be a person who occasionally suffers a mild anxiety attack that is brought on from being put in a stressful situation. Then there are those who suffer from an anxiety disorder that is extreme and they tend to be plagued by anxiety all the time. There are also people that fall in between. CBD can help people with all levels of anxiety, so they feel a lessening of their anxiety symptoms. 


Just as with anxiety, pain comes in many strengths and it can be an isolated instance or it can be a chronic pain that someone deals with on a constant basis. No matter what, there are many people who find that CBD can bring them some relief from their pain. Whether the pain has been caused by an injury or by a condition like arthritis, CBD can be used to help relieve some of that pain. Some people only use CBD, while others use it in addition to medications they may use that are over the counter or prescription. 


There are people who are at risk of having the occasional seizure and there are those who have seizures on a daily basis. Many people find that CBD helps them by decreasing the number of seizures they have and/or by helping their seizures to not be as severe as they normally tend to be. For some people with seizure disorders, CBD has helped them to live without the same level of fear that their next seizure is likely to happen at any moment. 


CBD can help with many other conditions and it gives people an affordable option. It also comes in a lot of different forms, so you can choose the one that you like the most. For example, there are tablets, capsules, oils, lotions, and many others to choose from.

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