How the Mckenzie Method Helps Office Workers with Neck Pain

Working in an office is common for many people across the country but can be damaging for their backs in ways that they may not anticipate. As a result, it is important for those who work in an office to get help from a McKenzie Method professional if they suffer from neck pain. Trouble in this area of the body is often indicative of other concerns. 

The Connection Between Neck Pain and Back Problems

Office workers who sit for too long every day are putting a heavy strain on their back and neck. Unfortunately, the human body is not designed for sitting for excessive periods and can experience strain and damage that can be very hard to tolerate. When this happens, an office worker may develop pain in the neck that can be very hard to tolerate and which may originate in the back.

This connection is because back problems caused by sitting, such as pinched nerves, may spread to the neck and cause excessive pain that makes it hard for an office worker to turn their neck. In this situation, they may find themselves struggling to avoid excessive pain and needing help with high-quality physical therapy. Thankfully, the McKenzie Method can help manage these problems.

How the McKenzie Method Helps

The McKenzie Method is a unique and proven method for managing a myriad of pain types. This approach focuses on the idea that the back is often the source of many types of pains and that these problems can be "moved" to the back and treated there via various types of care options. The idea of "centralization" is key to the McKenzie Method and its many different care options for pain.

For example, this care option often focuses on using careful manipulations of the spinal cord to decrease the spread of pain to the neck. However, this method also uses strengthening exercises that increase the muscle bulk around the neck, thereby stabilizing it, decreasing its pain, and moving the majority of this suffering to the back, where it is more easily tolerated and treated.

Another important concept behind the McKenzie Method is the idea that people can perform these exercises at home and without the help of a professional. This benefit is huge because it can allow an office worker to manage the various muscles and sinews around their neck and back, keeping themselves strong when at work, home, or play. You can learn more about the McKenzie Method by contacting services like Hands-On Physical Therapy. 

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