3 Reasons Having A Family Doctor Is Still The Way To Go

Medicine has become more and more specialized over the years. As such, it is not uncommon for each person in the family to have a different primary care physician. There's nothing overtly wrong with this. If you prefer one doctor and your spouse prefers another, then it makes sense that you'd have different doctors. However, there are still some very real benefits to having one family physician who treats the whole family. Take a look at some of those benefits below.

1. The doctor gets to know your genetics and history.

Many diseases run in families. And since families tend to live similar lifestyles, it is common for them to develop the same diseases and conditions, even if those diseases are not genetic. When you all see the same doctor, that doctor will be familiar with the health of every family member. So when something starts going wrong with your daughter, for example, the doctor will be able to draw on their experience treating you and your spouse in order to make a diagnosis. If you each have different doctors, it can take a lot longer to connect the dots.

2. The doctor gets to know you personally.

Medicine is so intertwined with your daily life and work. When you all work with the same doctor, that physician gets to know your daily life better. For instance, they might know that the father works in an auto shop and brings home a lot of clothing with gasoline on it — and that may one day help diagnose the son's headaches. They may know that you have five kids and are therefore very busy, which might explain the situation when you come in complaining of fatigue and depression. 

3. You'll feel more comfortable being open with the doctor.

When you all have the same doctor, you see that doctor time and time again. Over time, this helps you feel more comfortable and confident around that physician. Then, when you do have an embarrassing medical condition, you'll feel more comfortable telling the doctor about it. The more you feel comfortable sharing, the better able your doctor will be to give you an accurate diagnosis. And the same goes for anyone else in your family.

Having a family doctor is still a very smart approach to medicine. Look around for a general physician who treats all ages, and enroll your family in their care soon. For more information, reach out to a family physician in your area.

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