Dehydration And Urgent Care Treatment

Most people who get the flu can recover from the virus at home without any difficulties. While this is true, some people may vomit and experience bouts of diarrhea that cause serious dehydration. Dehydration can and should be treated by a medical professional. And, you often have the choice of visiting an urgent care instead of an emergency room. Keep reading to learn about some signs that your dehydration is serious and also to find out what the urgent care can do for you.

Serious Signs of Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when you are losing more fluids than you are able to consume, and typically a serious or acute dehydration episode can occur when you have lost as little as 1% of the fluid within the body. The most significant sign of dehydration is extensive thirst that you are having a difficult time quenching with oral fluids. This is something that you may experience if you vomit after only a few sips of water.

You may also experience a throbbing headache and your urine will look dark yellow or brown. Sometimes, you may be unable to urinate more than once or twice within an 8 or 10 hour period.

As your dehydration gets worse, your body may go into a state of emergency where your heartrate jumps to 100 beats per minute or higher and your respiration becomes more rapid. You may feel lightheaded as well and confused. A fever may accompany the dehydration and it can be difficult to understand if the fever is due to your illness or a lack of fluid. This is also true of headaches and lightheadedness, so you want to look for situations where your symptoms progressively get worse even with the use of anti-inflammatories.

What Will The Urgent Care Center Do?

You should ask a friend or family member to drive you to an urgent care center. Severe dehydration can lead to unconsciousness and it may be dangerous for you to drive. 

Once you are at the urgent care center, your vital signs will be assessed and the nurse will want to make sure that you are not in shock or a situation where the heart is failing. And, a doctor will soon see you and you will likely be given a prescription for IV fluids. Normal .9% saline may be used or you may be given a .45% solution of fluid through your vein. 

Since your illness is contributing to the dehydration, you may also be provided with an antiemetic. Since oral fluids cannot be kept down, the medicine will likely be administered through your IV port.

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