Cats and Allergies: How the Compounded Pet Medication Helps Felines

Did you realize that your cat could have allergies? Unfortunately, a lot of pet owners are unaware of the fact that their animals could potentially end up experiencing allergies and the symptoms associated with them. If you have noticed that your cat appears to have some signs of allergies, but you do not know what is going on, you should bring your pet to the veterinarian. The veterinarian may diagnose the cat with allergies and recommend a compounded medication to help your cat get some much-needed relief.

What Are the Symptoms Cats Tend to Experience When They Have Allergies?

Cats can experience some or all of the following symptoms when they have allergies:

  • Watery eyes that make it look like your cat is crying
  • Chronic itching and scratching of different parts of the body with no evidence of fleas
  • Trouble keeping food down
  • Large, loose bowel movements

Some of these symptoms are not always noticeable at first glance. However, if you start to notice that your cat is experiencing some of these symptoms way more often than ever before, there is a high probability that your cat does have allergies and needs to take medication to get relief.

Is There a Reason Why Some Cats Have Allergies?

Some cats have allergic reactions to different things around them, while others do not. It is the same as humans because some humans experience allergic reactions to lots of things, while others do not. Your cat may have somewhat of an allergic reaction to some of the following items that you have in your home:

  • Dust
  • Black mold
  • Different types of plants
  • Body care products containing fragrance

Your cat's veterinarian may be able to figure out what is triggering your cat. You cannot always keep your cat from encountering those triggers, but you can have medication readily available to give to your pet when needed.

Why Is Compounded Medication Useful When Cats Have Allergies?

When a cat has allergies, it is probably feeling quite uncomfortable. While the animal cannot let you know how it is feeling, you may notice a change in your cat's behavior and mannerisms. Similar to humans, the symptoms associated with allergies can cause severe irritation that makes it difficult for your cat to relax. The compounded medication is better for your pet because it consists of combined particular medications that help treat the different symptoms.

The great thing about compounded medication is that you can have it made to taste and smell a specific way for your cat. Some cats are not keen on taking any type of drugs. You do not want your cat to give you a difficult time when you are trying to provide the animal with beneficial allergy medication. Still, it can happen because these animals are smart and often easily recognize medicine by its smell and taste. The compounding pharmacist can work on putting something together that will not only relieve your cat of those frustrating allergies but also taste right to your pet.

Treat Your Cat's Allergies Without the Stress

If the veterinarian tells you that your cat does have allergies, you can request a prescription form an animal compounding pharmacist who will carefully combine different medications and ingredients that will work best for your cat. The goal of the compounding pharmacist is to create medicine that your cat will take with ease and will genuinely enjoy while getting relief from the allergy-related symptoms. Once you start giving your cat the compounding medication, you should begin to see a drastic improvement in your cat's appearance and behavior because your pet will start feeling much better.

To learn more about compounded pet medicine, visit an animal compounding pharmacist today.

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