When Your Child's Stomach Ache Is More Than Just A Stomach Ache: 4 Signs Of A Bigger Issue

There are times when you have a stomach ache, and it eventually goes away. The same goes for children. You usually know when something is wrong, but it may be difficult to tell when your child is having health issues and not just complaining that something hurts because they don't want to do something, such as going to school or participating in an activity they aren't really interested in. If your child is complaining of a stomach ache and you aren't sure if there is something more going on, read on for a few signs to help you decide.

1. Your Child's Stomach Ache Is Reoccurring

If your child's stomach ache is reoccurring, and not only in times when they don't want to do something, it may be a little more than nerves or an anxiety issue. If your child is constantly complaining of a stomach ache or feelings of queasiness or other stomach related issues and it is happening often, it could be something that needs to be looked into. Some kids will complain of belly pain because of nerves. If you notice that this isn't the case, it's time to take your child to a stomach doctor for a thorough exam.

2. Your Child Is Running To The Bathroom At Times

If your child is seen running to the bathroom and has constant bowel issues, and it seems out of the norm, it may be due to a gastric disorder. Your child could have a gallbladder issue or some other type of health concern that needs to be checked out. If you suspect it is only when your child eats a certain type of food, your child may need a dietary change to prevent this from happening. Talk to your child's gastroenterologist about your child's diet.

3. Your Child Has Severe Cramping After Eating

If your child's belly pain is more like cramping and it occurs after eating, it could be an issue such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which can also cause your child to end up in the bathroom a lot more often. Pay attention to your child's dietary habits and take your child to a gastroenterologist for help.

4. Your Child Also Has Nausea Or Vomiting

If your child's stomach ache is followed by nausea or vomiting, it could simply be anxiety, or it could be something else. If your child is throwing up bile, it could be an issue with your child's intestines, such as a blockage or a hernia and he will need to be checked out by a physician such as a gastroenterologist right away.

If your child is complaining about a stomach ache, you should pay attention to these issues. It could be more than a simple anxiety issue. Your child may very well have a health issue that needs attention. Take your child to a gastroenterologist for a thorough examination. 

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