4 Tasks That Elderly Care Professionals Can Perform

As people age, their bodies change in less than favorable ways. Some older people even experience cognitive decline. Living alone can become difficult or impossible without additional assistance. Fortunately, in-home elderly care can give seniors all the help they need.

Some seniors feel shame about their declining abilities. Convincing an elderly person to accept care can be difficult. However, many families find that in-home elderly care is in everyone's best interest. Gently pointing out the ways an in-home carer can help is an excellent way to make your case. Here are four tasks that elderly care professionals routinely perform:

1. Laundry

Clean clothes are necessary for comfort and hygiene, but this task can grow more difficult with age. Many seniors have trouble bending down and lifting heavy weights, two physical skills that are necessary to launder clothes. An elderly care provider can wash clothes, bedding, and towels. Having clean linens and garments will allow seniors to look and feel their best. Carers can provide in-home laundry service for seniors who own washing and drying machines. Otherwise, caregivers can take the laundry to an off-site laundromat and return it when it's clean.

2. Organizing

In-home carers can provide some light housekeeping services. They can dust, sweep, and mop surfaces. However, that's not all an in-home carer can do. Proper home organization can make it easier for seniors to tend to their own needs. Having a single designated location for everyday items is especially important for seniors with memory issues. An elderly care provider can help seniors organize their homes.

3. Personal Care

Elderly care professionals can provide personal care services to seniors. The level of care each senior needs will depend on their level of mental and physical acuity. Arthritis can make it difficult for seniors to brush their own hair, fasten buttons, and perform other tasks that require fine motor control. Carers are trained to assist seniors with many tasks related to personal hygiene. They can help with toileting, bathing, dental care, and more.

4. Meal Preparation

For optimal health, most people need to eat at least three meals a day. Effective meal preparation requires forethought, planning, and shopping, in addition to the actual cooking. As people grow older, they may not feel up to the arduous task of meal preparation. An in-home carer can take over meal preparation. Caregivers can go grocery shopping and cook hot, fresh meals for their clients.

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