2 Signs Your Medical Facility's Oxygen Outlets Need Replacing

If you operate a medical facility or are in charge of its maintenance, you may be wondering whether or not the old wall oxygen outlets are still in good condition. Since these outlets not only provide needed oxygen for the facility's patients but also help control and contain the flammable gas, they need to be in optimal condition to keep everyone safe. While looking at the wall outlets, look for the following signs that they most likely need to be replaced.

1.  Seal Around the Outlet's Base or Valve Stem Is Broken

When trying to determine the overall condition of the oxygen outlets, one of the first signs to look for are broken seals. The seals for the outlets are found around the base where the outlet is attached to the wall, as well as around the base of the valve stem.

If either or both of these seals are brittle, broken, or missing, then oxygen will leak out of the outlet and into the surrounding air. When this happens, not only will the patient receiving oxygen therapy not get the necessary amount they need, but the gas will be present in the air.

If a spark were to happen around the outlet, the gas could ignite. As soon as you notice any damaged seals, take the outlet out of service, and contact an outlet company to see about replacements.

2.  Any of the Outlets Parts Are Loose

Another sign to look for when determining whether or not your facility's oxygen outlets need replacing is whether any of the parts are loose. This includes the connection to the wall, the valve stem, and the tip where the oxygen hose connects.

If any of the parts are loose, the gas will most likely have a means of leaking into the surrounding area. Also, the interior of the outlet will be exposed to moisture, which could cause corrosion inside of it.

If you suspect that any of your medical facility's oxygen outlets need to be replaced, you will need to have someone who is properly trained and licenses to remove the old outlets and install the new ones for you. Contact a medical supply company that offers medical gas outlets to discuss your options for having them send someone out to inspect the outlets and replace them if they deem it necessary.

For more information about checking your medical gas outlets, contact a local technician.

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