PDO Threading Is a Skin Tightening Service to Consider for Firm Skin and Fewer Wrinkles

If you're unhappy with the sagging skin on your neck or the deep wrinkles on your face due to loose skin, you can choose from a number of skin tightening treatments that might help. Some provide mild tightening while others can make a more dramatic difference in your appearance. One skin tightening option you might want to consider is having PDO threads inserted. Read on for information about this skin tightening service.

The Threads Are Dissolvable Sutures

The threads used for this skin tightening procedure are made from the same material as dissolvable sutures used in surgeries. The material has a long history of medical use, and it is safe to use. After a period of several months, the threads dissolve, so they don't have to be removed manually.

The Threads Pull Loose Skin Tight

PDO threads are inserted under your skin. The threads have tiny barbs on them that catch your skin so your skin can be pulled tight when the threads are pulled. It may take several threads inserted at different angles to achieve the desired skin-tightening effect. You may want to target only your neck, but you can also have a PDO facelift that tightens skin as needed on your forehead, mid-face, and jaw. By pulling your skin tighter, deep wrinkles can be removed and your skin looks smoother.

The Threads Stimulate Collagen Too

A PDO skin tightening and lifting treatment gives you immediate results. However, you'll also attain long-lasting results since the threads stimulate collagen production. The extra collagen produced also helps with tightening your skin and giving you a more youthful appearance. It may take a few months to notice the effects of increased collagen in your skin.

Your Skin Is Numbed So Threading Isn't Painful

Pulling sutures through your skin might sound painful, but you don't have to worry about discomfort. Your doctor numbs the area first, so you don't feel anything but tugging. Once the threads are in place, your skin may feel tighter than usual, but there is usually no need for downtime.

You might have slight bruises and some swelling, but that should go away within a couple of days. You can go back to work or go about your other usual activities right after your threading appointment and enjoy the results of your skin-tightening treatment right away.

PDO threads offer similar results as a facelift. The results might not be as dramatic as the results you get from surgery, but you can also avoid anesthesia, incisions, and a long recovery time by choosing PDO threads if your doctor agrees threading is the right choice for your skin.

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