The Components Needed To Set Up A Sanitizing Station

A sanitizing station that is set up within your office space can promote healthy habits. A product that contains hand sanitizer may contain a pump and be adequate to use with a stand.

A Sanitizing Agent

An economy-sized sanitizing agent will contain a liquid or gel disinfectant that may or may not contain alcohol. There are many formulas on the market that may be targeted for use on sensitive skin. A product that does not contain irritants, such as dyes and harsh chemicals, will be safe to use in any type of public setting.

A sanitizing product manufacturer will provide sanitizer weight details and dispensation instructions. A bulk-sized jug or bottle that contains several liters of sanitizer will supply enough disinfectant to kill germs on hundreds of people's hands.

Pump Features

An automatic dispenser or a manual or power-operated foot pedal will allow one to sanitize their hands, without any concern about cross-contamination or the spread of germs between multiple people who are going to be using a sanitizing unit. If a hand sanitizer contains a hand operating feature, a button may need to be depressed.

A Stand And Placement Variables

A supplier who sells economy-sized hand sanitizing products may feature stand models that can be used with each disinfectant agent that is purchased. A metal stand or one that contains a framework setup that will enclose around a sanitizer will allow a sanitizing unit to be placed at an appropriate level. A supplier may sell sanitizer canisters that can be refilled. This type of canister may be made of a BPA-free plastic material. A BPA plastic material is sustainable and not harmful to the environment.

The same container can be used to dispense sanitizing refill packs. If a sanitizing station is going to utilize a smaller canister and stand than the amount of sanitizer that is contained within a four-liter refill pack, the large refill product can be stored inside of a utility closet and accessed whenever a canister needs to be refilled.

The placement of a sanitizing station can coincide with the access points within your office space. A station can be set up alongside the doorway that leads to individual working stations or can be set up inside of the area where workers are actively conducting daily tasks. A station should be placed in a high traffic area, especially if the sanitizer will be available for both customers and patrons to use.

For more information about sanitizing products, like a four liters commercial hand sanitizer with pump, contact a supplier near you. 

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