Does A Loved One Have Severe Depression And Trauma From An Accident? Explore Transcranial Magnetic Therapy Today

If someone you love has been involved in a tragic accident and you don't think that regular therapy is helping them with their depression and trauma, it may be time to retain psychiatric services. There may be more help and different types of treatment that they need.

You will want to look in your area not only for a psychiatrist who deals specifically with trauma victims experiencing depression but also that uses transcranial magnetic therapy. Here is what you need to know.

A Psychiatrist Has More Treatment Options Than a Therapist

There are differences between a therapist and a psychiatrist, although both professionals can help individuals overcome mental health struggles. The advantages to using a psychiatrist are that the psychiatrist has:

  • Years more of education and training
  • A Ph.D. and the ability to prescribe medicines if needed
  • The ability to medically diagnose mental health illnesses
  • Access to a wide range of treatments

When therapy doesn't seem to be helping with the issues that the victim has, a different medical professional will need to be consulted, and a psychiatrist is the professional for the job.

Transcranial Magnetic Therapy Is Gaining Popularity

Transcranial magnetic stimulation and therapy is a treatment that has been around since 1985 but has been gaining popularity quickly. This is a treatment where magnets are used around the brain to cause stimulation with different pulses, vibrations, and magnetic waves.

The psychiatrist will use different magnet strengths, frequencies, and patterns during the treatment sessions. This invasive process will be monitored by the psychiatrist, and treatments will be adjusted as the depression gets better or worse.

There May Be More Than One Mental Health Concern

The patient may be dealing with a variety of emotions, like fear and anxiety, or have guilt, flashbacks, or a post-traumatic stress disorder. With the possibility of dealing with more than one mental illness or mental health concern, it's best to have a physician that can accurately treat the different concerns going on. You want to get these issues addressed before the patient has a breakdown or physical complications because of their mental state.

If you have a child, spouse, family member, or friend that is dealing with severe mental trauma from an accident and you don't know how to get them out of their depressed state, this is a path and an option that you can explore. Start looking today to find a psychiatrist, and see if this transcranial magnetic therapy could work for you.

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