3 Helpful Elements To Consider For Your Healthcare Clinic's Operations Software

If you have invested in a healthcare clinic and are setting up reception and back-office administration areas, you'll need to explore your options for operations software. The healthcare software you choose will keep everyone on the same page regarding appointments, health record maintenance, etc. There are many software products to choose from, so here are three helpful elements to keep in mind when picking one for your clinic.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Framework

With traditional software installation, you need to have a server and install/configure the application yourself—or with the help of an IT professional. SaaS is a bit different since a third-party hosts the applications remotely over a cloud server. Purchasing software and maintaining it yourself can be pricy because of hardware and licensing costs, but SaaS has the great benefit of being affordable to small or medium-sized clinics since many of these models only require an annual subscription fee. Another benefit of SaaS is that it provides regular software upgrades or updates; this means that your employees will have the same user interface and they won't have to worry about syncing an outdated version with a newer one.    

Phone App Integration

Some operations software is strictly used on desktop computers; however, some companies also offer apps and mobile-friendly versions of their healthcare software. A review in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics journal weighed the pros and cons of healthcare apps and found that there were many benefits of apps for healthcare professionals, such as better access to point-of-care tools to improve decision-making and patient outcomes.

Employees and patients will be better able to access laboratory results and electronic health records. Instead of using disparate email services or communication devices, your back-office staff can contact clients through an app's patient portal.

Lastly, mobile software integration may improve your clinic's customer retention. About 67% of patients preferred booking appointments online; rather than making a phone call, your patients can pull up their healthcare app to quickly make an appointment. Plus, patients may want to make appointments outside of office hours, so mobile apps can be helpful in that regard.

Specific Autofill Algorithms

One frustrating aspect of clinic administration is scheduling shifts with applicable staff members. There are different parameters to consider, such as overtime rules, seniority, availability, necessary qualifications, etc. Healthcare software that has autofill algorithms can eliminate scheduling woes. Your employees will fill in their own parameters (e.g. availability), and then these constraints are saved in the software so that schedulers aren't risking double-booking, understaffing, or non-compliance with union rules.

For more information on back office healthcare operations software, contact a company near you.

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