What To Look For In A Hearing Aid For A Senior

If you are a senior who needs a hearing aid, then you may be surprised at the dozens of choices available to you. This can make it extremely difficult to choose the best product, especially if you are picking out a hearing assistance device for the first time. You should know that when it comes to hearing aids for seniors, there are a few important features that you should consider.

"Unlocked" Devices

There are quite a few hearing aid manufacturers that "lock" their hearing aids. This means that only certain audiologists who sell the manufacturer's products are able to adjust the settings and complete maintenance on them. This limits your ability to work with the doctor that you choose. And, if you travel to a second home during the winter months or visit family out of state, you may be unable to find someone to help you with your hearing aid. 

So, you want to make sure that your device is considered an "unlocked" version, meaning that all audiologists are free to complete maintenance on the device once you purchase it. 

Ask your audiologist about the manufacturers that lock their products and choose from the manufacturers that do not do this. The good news is that there are many companies that make hearing aids, so you will still have dozens of options to choose from in the style that you like best. Of course, you also want to make sure that the aid is covered by your insurance company, so this is something else to think about when looking at manufacturers. 

Aids With Remote Controls

Hearing aids are becoming smaller and smaller as technology advances. Unfortunately, this also means that volume buttons, switches, and other controls are also getting smaller. If you wear glasses or are partially blind, this can make it impossible to see the buttons to make adjustments on your own. 

To help with quick and easy adjustments of the aids, some manufacturers make their products with remote controls. This way, you can press the larger buttons on the remote to control the hearing aid. Not only is this easier, but you will not need to remove the aid to make the adjustments. 

Look for an aid with a remote that can be carried with you to restaurants and other locations. And, think about ordering an extra remote that you can bring with you in your overnight bag or purse. 

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